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We trust you find everything you need here. The Coaching Space in Narrabeen Sydney is focused on assisting people from all walks of life. Specifically, being of service to those who struggle and or experience very human states of Mind and Emotion.So common in todays world. Mild forms of Depression are quite prevalent.All levels of Anxiety.Very common. From Frustration to Disappointment All emotions in between. The Coaching Space coaches to our Emotional World.

Our Work is about ending the inner battles people wage within themselves.We welcome the young and Elders. We teach very practical Communication Skills. We teach people to understand their own motivations and the motivations of their loved ones .We teach conflict negotiation and genuine rapport skills. Fundamental to getting along with and cooperating with others,whether at home or within the Workplace.

The Coaching Space provides high-quality NLP Education and Coaching. Personal Coaching over the phone or Skype. We aim to contribute to Human Compassion. Peace in our homes. Peace between Mum and Dad. Between Mother and Daughter .Between Father and son. Peace on Earth. Our vision is to empower each individual to express and honour their journeying, every step of the way. Do feel welcome and free to let us know how we can serve you.

We offer a variety of Coach and NLP Training Courses and Personal Coaching Programs to choose from.. Look around our Website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We offer One to One Personal Coaching -3 / 6 and 12 week Programs .One to One Personal Development Coaching Sessions.

Complimentary introductions are available to our unique Coaching Process. We are facilitating each individuals personal on going Self Actualizing. We love to train as well as educate. We offer NLP Practitioner Certification Courses, as well as Coaching to Excellence Courses. These can be a combination of Online learning as well as Face to face Courses. Monthly Educational Workshops. The Enneagram .Emotional intelligence. We have a focus on Health .Conflict Resolutions. Relationship Solutions.Self Esteem. Self Confidence.

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