Emotional Freedom Coaching       


We love every minute of our journeying

An Idea is Born

Our idea is to make easier the human journeying. Our aim is to help
each person to step into their best way of being in their world. Our wider vision is to be apart of a worldwide leaning towards Authenticity and Humility. A Grace and heart felt Gratitude for the wonder of life, living and being here.

Our First Client

We began with small steps, reaching out to people we already knew. Offering free sessions whenever and to whoever said yes.
We have grown in strength and wisdom ,knowledge and skill. Nowadays, we offer so much more. From our small beginnings, to this day we have recorded coaching over 3000 people from all walks of life.

Well being, Love and Health

This is about the big picture. Not just about you ;this is actually about everyone in the world. Everyone in our world counts and contributes to the way the world is. What kind of a world
do we really want to live and be apart of ? lt begins with our individual  journey inward.

Why Us?

We offer audio and visual learning aids-playback CD and DVD of the session or the learnings.

We use zoom and skype to enable each individual to be able to listen and look at themselves while being coached.

We are about empowering each unique person with the tools to help themselves-each step of the way.

Our mission is to equip over 1000 people each year with the highest quality human communication skills.

  This is for the purpose of reducing unnecessary human suffering and creating a great deal more abundance and appreciation  for the  soul, spirit and unfolding energies within each of us.