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Our spirit, our soul - our mind body emotional system of being human - a look at the many states the human being experiences.
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What comes to the surface and what lies beneath

Posted on 9 October, 2017 at 17:05 Comments comments (0)
So much of the time l become aware of my restlessness , my own feelings of frustration. Getting caught up in my emotive states, l often forget to consider the inner experience , inner worlds of other people .l look out from my metaphorical window and view "the world" from my frustrations . From my restlessness. l am a human being . Prone to over thinking things . Prone to projecting how l am onto the people l am surrounded by. Prone to deceiving myself. When l feel great, the world seems a wonderful place to inhabit. When not so good, the world seems a little or a lot scary. Nothing really has changed. Only the window screen through which l look. Only my mind body emotional state. Nothing outside of me can actually make that much difference. New Toys may seem to lift me for a while. A new Environment also. New Experiences. Things that take my attention off on a holiday from where l have been residing. Yet l come back from the break and l am again with my habitual ways of being .My Habitual thoughts . My habitual fears. The point of my essay is that l am like a lot of other human beings .l am muddling my way through - actually my own muck .l am aiming to set me free from all that holds me- where l am now and yet there are parts-resistant parts- that would keep me exactly where l am , for fear of what ??? l don't know -yet. l now admire young children immensely and of course wish l was younger .Oh, to be that brave again!!. Where despite not knowing what lies ahead, infants often plunge themselves forward. Sure they cry a lot , but at least they have a go. Like other great Coaches l need Coaching. The best way l know how- to be able to get a great deal more objective to-what l do and how l show up-for a coach will be able to see and does reveal things about me-which l often hide from myself. The Coaching Experience uncovers that. Where am l in my life ? How am l living ? These are the questions of a human being who is willing to take a damn good look at how they are showing up-how they are received in their worlds, and how much is actually working for them . The human being who is ready to be looked at-with compassion and unwavering respect. Are you ready yet? When will you be? There is no time like the present .Actually, there is only now. Sacha Evans Director Manager of The Coaching Space Narrabeen Sydney 0431 876 085

The one l often struggle with is me

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Relationship is where we often get to see how we are .Not so much how another person is ,but how we are. We often meet our mirror and don't like what we see. We imagine it is this other person. They seem to be the saw in our side. Looking on a deeper level ,we may find that they show up with a trait or a quality or behaviour that we taboo or hide from our own view. The annoyance within us is clear. we wriggle and squirm and attempt to get away from our dislike,yet it remains. Until we turn to see our own self rejection-or the rejection of what lies us,we can not free ourselves. Relationship is our opportunity to see ourselves reflected in anothers eyes and mind. lt is actually the best chance to know how we do what we do. Without another person to offer feedback , we are lost to our own deceptions. Deceive ourselves, we often do. Coaching can be a sacred spiritual journey shared by two souls who decide to unfold and evolve. A path that requires willingness to be open and honest with self and other. Where what is revealed may not be expected nor wanted -however it is needed for growth to occur. Sacha Evans The Coaching Space Developmental Coaching Narrabeen NSW

What do you want ?? ?

Posted on 16 July, 2017 at 5:00 Comments comments (0)
The Genie may one day appear in front of you and ask what is it that you want ? what does your heart desire? More than anything else -what is that? Will you know ? Will you be ready with your answer ? How sure will you be? lf you could have anything -what could that be? The Genie might be the whisper as you walk towards your bed, or the light echo in the back of your mind, as you hear someone else say something. Something yes and -what was that? The Genie might be the words you often listen to as your music plays in the background. What is your Genie? Perhaps when you look out at the water and you lose sense of what time it is,perhaps it is when you dream and all the concerns of daily life fall away. Do you allow yourself a dream? Do you stretch your imagination ? What might your life be like - if you changed just one thing what would you change?