Emotional Freedom Coaching       


Developmental Coaching is about taking each human being to their next level. Diving deep into what a human being is ready for .ln order to be eligible for this kind of work you need to
1. Be willing to look at-with fierce honesty-what you aren't usually willing to look at in every day life.
2. Be prepared to be confronted with basic truth.
3. Be open to do what needs to be done to commit to the change you desire deeply for your life. 
lf you would love to learn to be a highly effective Coach; a true pioneer in the field of Coaching then these courses are for you. One thing is certain ;in order to be such a coach, we first need to create a clear and clean space within ourselves. We need to understand on a very deep level, what our own ego centric struggles are. 
Learn to see what is going on behind the scenes. Behind what a person says. Behind and within a persons language .Learn the ways of looking into a persons mind that can and will reveal to them - the very structure of how they have built their self concept. How they have constructed their experiences and construct their personal and unique Realities.How they have created the life that they have.
This is a part of what Developmental Coaching can do. Take a person so deeply into the landscapes of their perceptions, that their unique unfolding becomes their highest priority and their deepest joy. When we dive deeper into what is now known about human development, we discover a beautiful realm of endless possibilities. We are all about personal and interpersonal Freedom and opening to the more-of what we don't yet know. About ourselves and about our potentials. Freedom from what binds us and holds us where we are. Freedom towards even more Choice and Flexibility of our Mind, Heart and Emotion.
Be the Coach - 6 month Course - $3500 - online and face to face options-once a week program/once a fortnight option/email support/phone support-This is a Certificate Course. With Professional Assessment.
NLP Practitioner Course - 8 week course - $2100 -Online Course or Face to face/ Private tuition with online access. Certificate Course.
Mini NLP Course 6 days {over 3 weekends} - $1600 -Private tuition/Group Tuition -Email and phone support. Certificate Course. 
Be the Trainer/Presenter Course - 4 week course -$600 -Private tuition with Online access and Email support.
Summer Spiritual Retreat-6 days-{over 3 weekends} $1200 - Face to Face Tuition.